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Paw Balm - Beloved

Paw Balm - Beloved

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The Beloved Paw Balm is a soothing balm for the nose and paws of dogs. This balm softens and restores the pads under the paws and hard noses through natural ingredients such as vitamin E and Manuka Honey. This product is best used as a preventive protective measure, prevention is of course always better than cure.

The experience of Marley & Yasmin

Although Marley does not like anything being done to her paws, she accepts this balm well. We tried several different ones and she wouldn't allow herself to apply it, then started licking her paws a lot or started running fast in circles.

She did not experience any 'crazy side effects' with Be:Loved's paw balm. She always smells the jar before I apply it and then it's fine. Her paws are now nice and soft again and without cracks.


The jar contains 60g of balm.

More about Be:Loved

Be:Loved produces handmade and natural care products for dogs in beautiful packaging. In addition, Be:Loved focuses on more sustainable packaging. Less packaging material means less plastic waste. Pamper your four-legged friend with the luxurious and natural products from Be:Loved!

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