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BY MARLEY - Duck Sprinkles

BY MARLEY - Duck Sprinkles

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The Duck Sprinkles are ideal as a topping for meals. Do you want to give your dog a tasty, natural and healthy addition to its daily food? You can with these sprinkles. Also very handy to use when filling enrichment toys or molds.

The duck sprinkles are suitable for all dogs from four months old.

My experience

As you can see in the second picture I kept a close eye on what happened with the tasty sprinkles. I regularly get them sprinkled over my slow feeder or lick mat. Or they are hidden in the homemade toppers or enrichment toys. They are so tasty!

Tip! You can also play a search game with it. When your owner scatters some sprinkles in the grass, you have to use your nose to find everything. Quite a challenge that is good for mental stimulation.


The duck sprinkles are packed in a resealable bag of 100g.

Composition & Analysis

Composition: duck 94.3%, glycerin 3.5%, starch 1%, vegetable protein 1%, salt 0.2%

Analytical constituents: protein 40%, fat 3.5%, fiber 0.2%, ash 4%, moisture 23%

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