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Coffee tree

Coffee tree

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This 100% natural coffee tree chew treat is good for your dog's teeth and intestines. The fibers promote intestinal function, while chewing the coffee tree root keeps your teeth clean and healthy. The coffee tree chewing root is sustainable, unprocessed, caffeine-free, contains no additives and is therefore also suitable for dogs with allergies.

My experience

Lately I have had a tendency to chew and spend a lot of time with branches. Instead of twigs, my owner gives me the coffee tree, which I can chew without any splinters coming off. This is also allowed at home, ideal!

Coffee tree or olive tree?

As you may know or have already seen, I also have an olive tree chewing stick in the shop. This one is harder than the coffee tree, but has the same idea. At the moment I prefer to grab the 'soft' coffee tree to chew on, but that may change again in a few weeks..

Size & Dimensions

Available in small, medium and large.

15-20cm long, diameter 3-5cm
Weight: 125-225gr
Suitable for dogs from 5 to 10 kg

15-30cm long, diameter 3-7cm
Weight: 225-375gr
Suitable for dogs from 11 to 25kg

15-30cm long, diameter 5-10cm
Weight: 350-550gr
Suitable for dogs from 26kg

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