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Likmat Heart

Likmat Heart

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This licking mat in the shape of a heart not only looks loving. It is a pleasant activity with a positive effect on your dog . Licking has a calming effect, it keeps your dog busy for a while and is ideal for de-stimulation.

My experience

I love lick mats, especially if they have peanut butter on them ;)

When I have to stay home alone for a while, I like to be busy. So that I don't immediately notice that my owners are no longer home. The suction cups on the back keep the licking mat in the right place.

After an intensive training or a moment with a lot of stimuli, I also like to quietly lick something tasty from the licking mat. Afterwards I can always take a nice nap.

My owner makes it a party every time and you can vary endlessly. You can also make a large ice cream by placing the lick mat with filling in the freezer. Then it will take you even longer.

Dimensions and more information

This heart lick mat is 20x20cm and available in the colors green, red and white.

How do you clean a lick mat?

This can go in the dishwasher! Ideal, right?

The lick mat is easy to lick clean by the dog. If there are any leftovers, you can soak them in warm water. Then put it in the dishwasher and it comes out as good as new.

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