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Rainbow bowl blue

Rainbow bowl blue

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We are secretly a little in love with the design of the rainbow bowl. The nice colors and cute design make this slow feeder a real must-have!

The rainbow bowl has a large suction cup on the back, which keeps the bowl firmly in place. So it can't be pushed around the entire room, ideal, right? To make them even more fun, you can also use them as a licking mat.

My experience

I had a hard time choosing which color I wanted to keep. They are all so nice! The bowl has the same height as a soda pup mandala and can hold more food than you might think.

Because of the many compartments, it takes me quite some time to get all my food out. So it is also good for enrichment. The rainbow bowl can be placed in the freezer and can also be used as a licking mat.

How do you clean the rainbow bowl?

This can simply be put in the dishwasher. Easy is not it!

Do you prefer to clean by hand? Then the Kong cleaning brush can come in handy to clean everything properly.

Colors and more information

Available in the colors green, blue and peach. Collect them all!

This product is designed by our manufacturer. You may therefore also see the same design at other shops.

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