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DIY dog biscuit baking book

DIY dog biscuit baking book

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Do you like to spoil your dog and do you enjoy making cookies yourself? Then this Do It Youself (DIY) dog biscuit baking book is a must-have!

A very nice combination with the flower mold or heart mold, as these can also be used in the oven.

What can you read in the baking book?

Topics such as:
  • The training and reward behavior of owners
  • The dog's nutritional needs
  • Commercially manufactured food and snacks
  • Foods that are dangerous for dogs
  • What does the dog taste?
  • Ingredient lists of various raw materials for making your own healthy dog ​​biscuits (flour/sugars/dairy, etc.)
  • The difference between allergy, intolerance and hypersensitivity
  • Everything you need to know if you want to make dog biscuits with a baking mat
  • 48 fun recipes to make yourself (and where you can also use my AniFit range).
  • 1 appendix with poisonous foods and tips on how to act in case of poisoning
  • 1 appendix with healthy vegetables/fruit/legumes for the dog

The DIY dog biscuit baking book was written by nutritionist Shelley Lansbergen-de Bruin.

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