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Dog Ice Cream Banana - Easypets

Dog Ice Cream Banana - Easypets

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A delicious dog ice cream especially for the sweetest dogs. 100% plant-based, with natural ingredients, this one has a banana flavor .

It is a wonderfully cooling, refreshing treat on hot days, which is also completely plant-based.

The experience of Marley & Yasmin

Very easy and quick to make. They do need to be kept in the freezer a little longer than the toppings we make ourselves, but Marley really likes them!

I use the ice cream mix more as a topping to enrich Marley's meal, but you can also make real ice cream from it. Don't give too much of it to your dog at once. Definitely fun and delicious to make for once!

How do you make dog ice cream?

The ice cream mix is ​​very easy to make.

  • Pour one bag of ice cream mix into a bowl and add 160 ml of water.
  • Mix this with a whisk or spoon until it becomes a syrupy substance.
  • Pour the mix into molds or a plastic cup, after which you add the stick.
    NB! These sticks are not edible for your dog. You can use an edible stick for it yourself, such as the small nibble sticks .
  • Place the ice creams in the freezer for at least 12 hours.

Lets eat! Letting your dog eat an ice cream provides tasty hydration, cooling and a satisfied feeling, because licking helps many dogs calm down.

Contents & Flavors

The package contains 2 bags of ice cream mix and 6 (non-edible) ice cream sticks. So you can make ice cream twice with this flavor.

Also try the other flavor: pineapple .

Composition & Analysis

Composition: fructose, tapioca starch, banana, guar gum, natural flavor: banana, natural color powder

Analytical constituents: moisture 3.90%, crude ash 2.89%, crude fiber 0.30%, protein 0.25%, fat 0.20%

More about Easypets

'We make keeping pets easy and affordable'

EasyPets is a young and fresh brand that wants to make keeping pets easier and more affordable. From their vision, it should be possible for everyone to keep a pet.

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