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Grubber ball large - Happy Pet

Grubber ball large - Happy Pet

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This large Grubber ball is different from all other balls! Due to the different shape, the ball bounces in different directions, depending on how it lands. The open surfaces also make it easier for you as the owner to hold the ball, so you can easily play or fetch with your dog. A fun, original, strong and very functional ball!

My experience

This is definitely one of my favorites to play with outside. I can do that very nicely myself, but playing a tug or fetch game with it with my owner is also great.

It is very sturdy material and easy to grip. The bouncing makes playing with it extra challenging. I'm very happy with it!

Good to know!

The ball is 18cm. Available in orange and blue.

Keep a close eye on whether your dog's head can't fit through the openings. It is a somewhat larger and heavier ball, so I will not recommend it for small dogs.

Would you like a smaller size? Then take a look here.

More about Happy Pet

The British Happy Pet has been around since 1930 and, as the name suggests, its main goal is to provide happy pets all over the world. The brand develops products that promote the physical and mental health of animals through entertainment, distraction, care and exercise. The developers pay close attention to the unique lifestyle of various animals and natural instincts are stimulated as much as possible. In this way, the products are tailored as much as possible to the needs of modern animals and their owners.

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