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ROSEWOOD - Tufflove octopus

ROSEWOOD - Tufflove octopus

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The Tufflove Octopus is a sturdy dog ​​toy with three different materials and a squeaker. With this Tufflove cuddly toy from Rosewood, playtime is a party! This cuddly toy is made with Canntech-nology. This means that it is made with a combination of three materials: plush with a luxurious texture, bonded with a high quality mesh and lightweight ballistic nylon. The reinforced seams at critical pressure points and protected squeaker make this toy very sturdy and durable. The squeaker makes the toy the ideal playmate.

My experience

Great toys! The tentacles make grabbing easy and therefore you can play fun pulling games with it. Together with my girlfriend Luna I tested how firm the hug is (played a lot of tugging games) and it is a very firm hug.

I have to say from my owner that the Tufflove cuddly toys are very nice and cute. They are nice to just have in the house ;)



The brand

Rosewood has been involved with dogs for over half a century. In fact with all pets. Rosewood takes great pleasure in making pets happy by producing all kinds of top quality products. Rosewood believes that pets should not be treated as animals, but as part of the family. With this in mind, Rosewood is committed day and night to making the best products for pets.

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