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TRIXIE - Snuffelbal

TRIXIE - Snuffelbal

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Of snuffelbal is a fun occupational therapy for your dog. It can prevent boredom or help when your dog gobbles up his/her meal. You can hide kibble or snacks between the fringes. It will take your dog a while to get all the treats out of the ball.

My experience

This thing is fantastic! You can play with it, bite into it and there is always something tasty in it. I roll the sniffing ball around the whole room and can entertain myself for a long time. My owners do their best to hide the kibble or sweets as best as possible, but I always find them all!


De snuffelbal is 15x15x15cm

The brand

Trixie is a well-known brand in pet retail. We have only had good experiences with this brand ourselves and you will also see a lot of them coming back.

Trixie was founded in 1974 by Bonnik Hansen. Many of the product lines are developed, inspected and tested in-house by professionals and designers. However, the involvement of external animal experts and developers also plays a major role. High quality requirements and an animal welfare-oriented design are just as self-evident for this brand.

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