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Snuffle mat - Trixie

Snuffle mat - Trixie

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With this fun Activity Snuffle Mat from Trixie you will combat boredom and make eating a party! This mat consists of loose strips of fabric, between which you can put food or rewards for your dog. Your dog will have to use his nose to find the reward or chunks between all the layers of the mat. This way, he or she spends a nice long time eating, the chance of gobbling is reduced and you appeal to your dog's natural sniffing behavior.

The experience of Marley & Yasmin

Sniffing in a sniffing mat is a wonderful activity. After a quick sniff you see Marley completely relaxed. Sniffing is not only fun for your dog to do, but also immediately provides mental stimulation and can reduce stress.

In my opinion, a sniffing mat is therefore a must-have for every dog. This sniffing mat is large, namely 50x34cm, which provides extra space for sniffing.

Dimensions of the sniffing mat

It is a large mat of 50x34cm. The packaging contains a manual with tips and tricks for optimal training.

More about Trixie

Trixie is a well-known brand in animal retail. We have only had good experiences with this brand and you will see a lot of them coming back.

Trixie was founded in 1974 by Bonnik Hansen. Many of the product lines are developed, inspected and tested in-house by professionals and designers. But the involvement of external animal experts and developers also plays a major role. High quality standards and animal welfare-oriented implementation are just as self-evident for this brand.

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