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Sunflower Sniffari

Sunflower Sniffari

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Are you going on a sunflower sniffari? Thanks to the different layers of the sunflower sniffing mat, you can create a fun challenge for your dog to sniff around. And what dog doesn't love a good sniffari 😉

You can decide how difficult you make it. For an easy (beginning) sniffing experience, you can spread the reward over it. To provide a greater challenge, you can hide the reward further between the layers. You can hide it further than you think. There is an anti-slip layer on the back to help keep the sniffing mat in place.

Not only a fun activity for the dog, but sniffing is also very good for them. Sniffing and brain work provides a mental challenge for your dog. Did you know that 10 minutes of sniffing is equivalent to an hour of running? NB! It doesn't mean you don't have to go for walks anymore if you let your dog work on his brain.

My experience

I love sniffing games and I'm already wagging my tail when this cheerful sunflower is brought out. My owner often hides my own kibble or some other tasty food in it reward .

When I'm a bit overstimulated or restless, I really enjoy being able to sniff. This gives me peace of mind and I can often take a nice nap afterwards.


The sniffing mat is 48x48cm, so nice and big!

Good to know!

Has the rose become dirty? You can wash these in the washing machine at 30 degrees. It's not possible in the dryer.

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