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Freeze-dried goat meat cubes - Pawfect

Freeze-dried goat meat cubes - Pawfect

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Pawfect's freeze-dried goat meat cubes are ideal for use as a meal topping, for food enrichment or as a tasty snack for your dog. The cubes are a real treat for the taste buds and a nutritional option. They consist of 100% goat meat and are freeze-dried to protect the natural enzymes and nutrients.

The freeze-dried goat meat cubes are hypoallergenic and therefore also suitable for dogs with allergies. Are you unsure whether your dog can have this with his/her allergy? Please contact us and we will look at it together!

The experience of Marley & Yasmin

A healthy and easy addition to use when filling enrichment such as a treat dispenser or lick mat . Marley loves it and I will tell you that the last photo is also the only one, before I knew it the goat meat block had been taken from my fingers haha.

Marley is a little candy butt too. She loves tasting the new toppings that I choose ;)

Do you want to give the pieces a more meat-like texture? Then hydrate them with water before giving them to your dog.

Composition & More information

The freeze-dried goat meat cubes are made from 100% goat.

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The package contains 50g.

Analysis: Protein 54%, Fat: 40%, Ash: 2.57%, Fiber: 4.18%

More about Pawfect

Pawfect Foods describes itself as a revolving door of tasty, all-natural treats, freshly picked from nature. Simplicity and transparency are at the core of our brand. We keep our recipes simple and straightforward by only adding an ingredient if it really adds something substantial, like nutrition or flavor, to the party.

In short, they will continue to focus their efforts on sourcing and producing premium dog treats with fantastic flavors, nutritional value and enviable ingredient provenance that will help improve the quality of life for deserving dogs everywhere.

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