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'Too good to throw away' Package

'Too good to throw away' Package

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Would you like to prevent waste ? Then this 'Too good to throw away' Package is something for you and your dog! It is a shame to throw away dog ​​treats that are nearing the end of their shelf life. Marley would love to eat these snacks, but we would also like to make other dogs happy with them.

We try to purchase as good as possible, but sometimes something remains unavailable for longer than we expect. That is why we fill the 'Too good to throw away' Package for you in this way and for a nice price.

What's in a 'Too Good to Throw Away' Package?

The contents will be different with each package , because we do not know in advance which products will be left for this. The contents consist of dog snacks and perhaps a care product.

We try to keep track of the shelf life as best as possible. The shelf life in this package can vary from a shelf life of 1 month to a shelf life of 4 months .

It may also contain snacks that belong to the 'bumpers' . For example, tendons that are thinner, strangely shaped, less beautiful or broken and the like.

You can always send a message to discuss what is currently in the 'Too good to throw away' Package.

Nice to know

Is the 'Too good to throw away' Package sold out? That is actually very good news, because it means that the current stock still has a good shelf life. This package will only be in stock when products are nearing the end of their shelf life.

Many (dried) dog snacks can still be used after the expiration date. Only this can of course no longer be sold as a webshop and we also understand if you would rather not give this to your dog after that time.

These packages cannot be adjusted for allergies, sorry!

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