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Beef Sprinkles - Lulu's Kitchen

Beef Sprinkles - Lulu's Kitchen

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The Beef Sprinkles are made with shredded beef; they are pieces of beef in all different shapes and sizes. They are full of proteins, iron and vitamins and provide a natural taste sensation for your dog!

These sprinkles are ideal as a seasoning with meals. Do you want to give your dog a tasty, natural and healthy addition to his daily food? Or provide extra enrichment while eating? This is possible with these sprinkles. Also very handy to use when filling enrichment toys or molds . Simply divide or sprinkle it over your dog's meal and enjoy!

Marley & Yasmin's experience with these sprinkles

Marley loves them! Sometimes there are some coarser pieces, which of course makes it even more interesting for her.

They are easy to use and ideal for varying the flavors of the sprinkles. This way we can give every meal a different twist!

Tip! You can also play a search game with it. When your owner scatters some sprinkles in the grass, you have to use your nose to find everything. Quite a challenge that is good for mental stimulation.


The beef sprinkles are 100% beef and come in a 100g resealable bag

More about Lulu's Kitchen

Lulu's Kitchen brings together the best in high quality, premium Australian made dog treats that are healthy and good for your best friend!

Lulu's Kitchen is the curated range of English Springer Spaniels from Rover Pet Products. They have created a single ingredient range and all the treats are free from added sugars, water, salts, colors and artificial ingredients!

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