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Horseshoe with sheep fat

Horseshoe with sheep fat

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The veal hoof is filled with sheep fat. A tasty, low-fat snack that is highly digestible for the dog. Thanks to the hard structure, you can enjoy it for a long time.

My experience

These are so tasty too! Maybe even tastier than it hoof with meat, shhh ;)

Tip! When the sheep fat has been eaten, you can soak the veal hoof in lukewarm water. This sometimes contains some sharp edges and by soaking you reduce the hardness.

I am always very busy with the hooves of sheep fat. After nibbling for a while, I leave it for a while or my owners take it away. I never eat it in one go, but divide it over a few days. That way I can enjoy it even longer!


Packed individually.

Composition & Analysis

Composition: veal hoof filled with sheep fat

Analysis: Crude protein 48.3%, Crude fat 20.8%, Crude ash 3.4%, Crude fiber 0.9%, Moisture 7.3%


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