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HAPPY PET - Grrrelli Tyre

HAPPY PET - Grrrelli Tyre

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Of Their grrrel is a very sturdy dog ​​toy in the shape of a car tire. By playing with this strong, bouncing band, your dog also immediately takes care of its teeth. The friction of the material against the teeth supports the reduction of bacteria and dirt on the teeth and can thus help prevent plaque and tartar. The tire is very suitable for biting and frolicking. Due to the striking color, it is clearly visible to both humans and dogs. Easy to remove and therefore ideal for outdoor use! 

My experience

Super fun toys that you can do anything with. The tire bounces, so if thrown hard, you can jump after it like a bunny. It is very sturdy and you can therefore chew, bite and pull hard on it.

Are you a fan of pull games? Then you will find the tyre tugger probably even more fun!


Please note: always only let the dog play with toys under supervision. 


De band is 15x15x4cm.

There are also a smaller and larger size, are you interested in that? Then feel free to send a message.

The brand

Grrrelli is from the British company Happy Pet has been around since 1930 and, as the name suggests, its main goal is to provide happy pets all over the world. The brand develops products that promote the physical and mental health of animals through entertainment, distraction, care and exercise. The developers look closely at the unique way of life of various animals and the natural instincts are stimulated as much as possible. In this way, the products are tailored as much as possible to the needs of modern animals and their owners.

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