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Horseshoe natural

Horseshoe natural

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Animal species

This natural calf hoof is a good chew snack for your dog. Due to the hard structure, your dog will enjoy chewing it for a long time. The natural hoof is low in fat and easily digestible, making this chew snack also suitable for dogs on a diet.

Do you have a dog that has some difficulty chewing or a puppy? Place the hoof in lukewarm water before giving it. This makes it slightly softer and easier to chew.

My experience

Just like the hoof with sheep fat and the hoof with meat, I can enjoy this chewing snack for a long time. Not only tasty to chew, but also ideal for licking peanut butter, pate or other tasty filling .

This way you make a kind of natural licking mat from the hoof where you can eat everything! My owner wrote a useful blog about this.

Good to know

Give this chew snack under supervision and always ensure there is sufficient drinking water! Allow a snack to be chewed for up to 30 minutes. This way you can keep a close eye on how your dog reacts to it.

Are chewing snacks still new to your dog? Then build up the chewing time slowly. Start by letting them chew for 5 to 10 minutes and then add a few minutes at a time until the maximum of 30 minutes.

Has the hoof become so small that your dog can swallow it in one go or is only the tip left? Then take (and throw) it away as a precaution.

Composition & Packaging

100% beef and available per piece.

Analysis: Protein: 87.0%, Fat: 1.1%, Ash: 1.4%, Fiber: 0.9%, Moisture: 9.6%

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