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BY MARLEY - Nibble sticks

BY MARLEY - Nibble sticks

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The perfect sticks to nibble on. Ideal for puppies to keep them busy.
Helps with dental care and natural chewing needs. Chewing supports your dog's dental care, strengthens the gums and ensures that the dog does not get bored.

My experience

From the little one I have already nibbled a lot on it! My owners also thought they were ideal to give when I always wanted to bite their hands with my sharp teeth. Then I went to change and I found them very nice to nibble on. Especially if they have been in the freezer for a while first.


NB! If you give the nibble sticks to young puppies (from 7 weeks), make sure that the piece does not become too small. Does the last piece fit all the way into your pup's mouth? Then it is best to remove the stick.

Packaging & Composition

Available in small, medium and large. This is not so much about the size of the packaging, but about the size of the nibble sticks.

The small and medium sticks are packed with several. The large nibble sticks are per piece.

Small in a resealable bag of 25 pieces.
Medium in a resealable bag with 8 pieces.

Made from cowhide.

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