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KONG - Ballistic Hide 'n Treat

KONG - Ballistic Hide 'n Treat

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The Kong ballistic hide 'n treat is a durable two-in-one toy. It can be used as brain work and a fun game of fetch when it is closed. Ballistic hide 'n treat is designed with strong pockets snacks to hide in.

Open the pockets all the way for an easy challenge and shrink the openings to increase the difficulty. Close the bags all to turn the toy into a ball-shaped toy.

My experience

A while ago during training I didn't feel like the reward my owner brought. When she hid the reward in his nice ball it was suddenly a different story! After I had completed the assignment correctly, I not only received a reward, but I was allowed to sniff it out myself.

Now we often use the ballistic hide 'n treat at home as a reward. As a brain work it is also very nice!

How do you teach your dog to use the Ballistic Hide 'n Treat?

  • In the beginning, show that you put a treat in the opening and open it (without folding it) on the floor.
  • Does your dog understand where he / she can find the treats? Then fold 2 bags against each other. To get to the reward, the bags must (in most cases) be unfolded by your dog.
  • When that is also clear, you can fold all the bags. Then the difficulty level is the highest.

We also sometimes make it a control, fetch and brain work at the same time. Marley watches the ballistic hide 'n treat being filled, then has to wait for the ball to be thrown away. Then she can pick it up, but she has to bring the ball back first. When the ball is at my feet she gets the command to take the treat out. 

So you can turn it into a very versatile toy!

Dimensions & Color

They measure 12.5 x 12.5 x 12.5 cm and are available in the colors red with yellow stripes, blue with orange stripes or green with purple stripes.

The brand

You must have heard of Kong before. This brand is known for its strong toys, which you can usually put a filling in. Necessity - and love - is the mother of invention at Kong. In 1970 Joe Markham founded his company Kong. He loved his dog Fritz, but not his destructive chewing habits. As a result, there is now an extensive range of strong toys!

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