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Extreme black - Kong

Extreme black - Kong

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The extra strong black Kongs are specially made for persistent chewers. This well-known natural rubber toy bounces and rolls in all directions, but in addition to being fun to throw, play and bite on, it is also perfect for filling with snacks or feeding through the open interior. This can be done in many ways, such as with rewards, but also, for example, with the daily feed or fun recipes with rice and vegetables. The higher the filling level, the more effort the dog has to make to get his reward out of the KONG! This prevents boredom, ensures an active, satisfied dog and helps with dental care.

My experience

As a small dog myself, I have one my puppy and it kept me entertained for many hours. Now that I'm a big girl, I have this one, an extreme kong. It fits a lot in it, I can bite and chew on it and I have a lot of fun with it!


Available in small, medium, large and XL.


The brand

You must have heard of Kong before. This brand is known for its strong toys, which you can usually put a filling in. Necessity - and love - is the mother of invention at Kong. In 1970 Joe Markham founded his company Kong. He loved his dog Fritz, but not his destructive chewing habits. As a result, there is now an extensive range of strong toys!

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