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Mini meat trainers deer

Mini meat trainers deer

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The mini meat trainers deer have a medium soft texture. Thanks to the small size, these trainers are perfect for training your dog. The mini meat trainer is a great way to motivate and reward your dog during training. Its small size makes it handy and easy to carry, so you always have it at hand when you need it.

They are also very suitable as a reward in dog puzzles and enrichment toys or as an extra topping on the meal. So you can go in any direction with these mini meat trainers in deer flavor.

Suitable for all dogs, from puppies to seniors. These trainers are hypoallergenic and therefore also suitable for dogs with allergies. Are you unsure whether your dog can have this with his/her allergy? Please contact us and we will look at it together!

Marley and Yasmin's experience with the mini meat trainers

An ideal reward snack with many options and Marley loves them. She does her best and it doesn't leave my hands dirty or sticky.

Their small size makes them easy to carry and we always have a reward in the pocket or bag.

Packaging & More information

These mini meat trainers are 100% dried deer meat.
Made from organs, muscle meat and bone of the deer.
Of course without any additives!

The mini meat trainers come in a 100g resealable bag.

Analysis: Protein: 58.9%, Fat: 11.44%, Ash: 26.1%, Fiber: 0.52%, Moisture: 3.04%

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