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Beef lung trainers (coarse)

Beef lung trainers (coarse)

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These pieces of beef lung are ideal as a healthy reward during training. The beef lung trainers (coarse) say it in the name, but these pieces are coarser than the beef lung trainers you already know from us. These are easier to use as a reward and produce fewer or no crumbs.

It is lean and fat-free beef, making it ideal for dogs that are sensitive or overweight .

Suitable for all dogs, from puppies to seniors.

Marley's experience with the beef lung trainers

I can't think of anything other than that they are just very tasty!

According to my owners, these are ideal, since it is lean (dried) meat and I am watching the diet a bit.

Packaging & Analysis

The beef lung trainers (coarse) come in a resealable bag of 150g.

100% Beef lung without additives.

Analysis: Protein: 86.00%, Fat: 3.5%, Ash: 2.8%, Fiber: 1.0%, Moisture: 7.0%
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