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Unfortunately temporarily out of stock, but they will definitely be back! Would you like to receive an email when they are back in stock? Save the sprats as a favorite and I will keep you informed.

These dried sprats are small fish, also called Spiering, with a high natural protein content and contain Omega 3 and 6. They support a healthy coat and skin and are a real treat for your dog.

Healthy, natural and delicious. A delicious reward or ideal to use as a topping on the meal. The sprats are cold-dried, which makes them less greasy to handle, which is nice for your owner!

Marley's experience with sprats

Quite a strange fish, but once tasted they were delicious! I really like them as a snack. It's not bite, swallow, gone, but I have to chew it a little better.

I also regularly get them with my food or I can fish them out of an enrichment toy myself. Haha, do you get it?

Packaging & Analysis

The sprats are 100% fish and come in a resealable bag of 150g

Analysis: Protein: 85.5%, Fat: 7.9%, Ash: 9.16%, Fiber: 0.4%, Moisture: 7.89%

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