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Waggle Ball - Zippy Paws

Waggle Ball - Zippy Paws

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This brightly colored waggle ball makes an irresistible sound when rolled. It doesn't squeak, but it sounds a bit like a duck. The ball is very sturdy and popular with many 'demolitionists'. The small version is slightly larger than a tennis ball and the large version is a small football. This also makes it suitable for larger dogs. Fun guaranteed!

My experience

I was surprised at first when I heard that strange sound. I soon realized that the sound came from the ball when you moved it and I was very excited!

Now I prefer to carry the ball everywhere to play. It can take a beating, I have tested that well. Did you know that it is a lot of fun to let the ball roll down a staircase, step or, for example, the couch?

My owners also like that the ball makes a different sound than the squeaking sound of many toys. This is a low sound instead of a high and loud beep.


The normal ball is slightly larger than a tennis ball and 9x9cm.

The jumbo is like a small football and 11x11cm.

More about Zippy Paws

From a dog-friendly office to birthday parties for our pups, we don't just love dogs. We consider them our family. This is how we are able to put so much care and dedication into making our toys. They are designed not only with lifestyle in mind, but also to be the highest quality and safest on the market. ZippyPaws' own dogs are our first line of quality assurance. If it's not good enough for ours, it's not good enough for yours.

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