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Wubba Finz - Kong

Wubba Finz - Kong

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Size & Color

The Wubba Finz from Kong is a flying fish with a long tail and balls for a lot of bounce.

This cute looking fish has nice colors and a long tail. This way the dog can enjoy pulling on it and the movement of the flappy tail stimulates the natural instinct to shake the toy. The two balls inside make the fish bounce. There is also a squeaker incorporated into the toy. Not only fun to look at, but also fun to play with!

Marley's experience with the Wubba Finz

I received this as a gift from my sweet aunt and I was an instant fan! I prefer to carry it around all day and I constantly try to challenge my owners to play with me and the wubba.

We often play fun games with it and it is a very sturdy toy. What makes it even more fun is that the fish bounces well. The flappers are not only useful for me to grab and shake this toy, but my owners can also throw it well. Then it really becomes a flying fish haha!

Colors and sizes

The Wubba Finz is available in 3 different sizes.

Small is pink and 27.5x5.5x5cm

Medium is blue and 37x9x8.5cm

Large is blue and 42x14.5x9cm

The pink color is really only available in size small.

More about Kong

You've probably heard of Kong before. This brand is known for its strong toys, in which you can usually put a filling. Necessity - and love - is the mother of invention with Kong. Joe Markham founded his company Kong in 1970. He loved his dog Fritz, but not his destructive chewing habits. As a result, there is now an extensive range of strong toys!

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