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Cheese biscuits with banana and peanut butter - Pawfect

Cheese biscuits with banana and peanut butter - Pawfect

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Many dogs love peanut butter and in combination with banana, Pawfect cheese biscuits are lip-smacking! A crunchy treat that is easy to break, but also very nice to use in feed enrichment.

The experience of Marley & Yasmin

Yum! Before I knew it, half the cookie had already been fished out of my hands by Marley. She loves (peanut) butter and banana and was immediately enthusiastic about the cheese biscuits.

Composition & More information

Composition: Cheese (70%), Banana, Peanuts & Eggs.

All products used to make the banana and peanut butter cheese biscuits are 100% natural. They are grain and gluten free so do not contain wheat, corn or soy. Also no colourants, preservatives or additives.

They have a good balance between taste and nutritional value and are rich in natural proteins, vitamins and minerals. These cookies can, among other things, contribute to supporting strong muscles, increased bone strength and immunity.

More about Pawfect

Pawfect Foods describes itself as a revolving door of tasty, all-natural treats, freshly picked from nature's bountiful pantry.

Whether this means hiking at high altitudes in the Himalayas, negotiating with Yak and/or Himalayan cow or camel herders, beachcombing along the coastline or unearthing 'hidden gems' of tropical orchards; they will always go the extra mile in search of the next breakthrough ingredient.

In short, they will continue to focus their efforts on sourcing and producing premium dog treats with fantastic flavors, nutritional value and enviable ingredient provenance that will help improve the quality of life for deserving dogs everywhere.

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