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Dogmom bag light gray - Ted's and Tails

Dogmom bag light gray - Ted's and Tails

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This Dogmom bag is perfect for everything you need when you are on the road with your dog. The bag has a separate compartment for poop bags. There are also several compartments in the bag where you can store dog treats, for example, but there is also enough space for your mobile phone, wallet, keys, etc.

The bag is made of a beautiful beige corduroy fabric with black metallic buckles and clips and is easy to combine with products from the other collections.

My experience

I like that my owner can bring a lot of sweets for me. She thinks it's a very nice bag herself. Especially now that the weather is getting warmer and she doesn't always have to wear a coat during our walks. I don't understand anyway, because I always go outside without a coat, don't I? But in this bag she can also easily store her phone and keys, along with my rewards and poop bags.



More about Ted's & Tails

There were hardly any nice accessories for my little teddy bear, especially in Germany I couldn't find anything nice. Only the completely overpriced black and red basic dog harnesses, but I wanted something special. Beautiful patterns, beautiful fabrics and beautiful colors!

The lack of such beautiful and especially affordable items made me think about what it would be like if I just started a company in dog accessories, because I can't be the only one with this problem, can I?

After a lot of thinking, many designs for beautiful patterns, considerations about a suitable name and everything involved in setting up your own webshop, the brand Ted's & Tails was created. The trendy brand for dog accessories with only limited edition patterns, designed in Germany, in premium quality and above all at an affordable price!

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