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Squeakin' Vegetables – Carrot – Hugsmart

Squeakin' Vegetables – Carrot – Hugsmart

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This carrot from Hugsmart has no filling, but it does have some nice squeakers. Hence the name Squeakin' Vegetables. The foliage (the top) of the carrot contains crackling foil. This dog toy is elongated, making it extra fun to wave around wildly.

Marley's experience

You can easily swing and wave it around and there are no fewer than 3 beepers hidden in it. Because it is an elongated toy, you can also play a good tug-of-war game with your owner(s).


This carrot toy is 38 x 10 cm.

More about Hugsmart

The HugSmart story begins in 1985 as a family business skilled in the design and manufacture of children's toys. As the family grew, so did the business, along with our love for our pets as they are a big part of the family.

Now we're just as passionate about our mission to make the best toys for all pets out there. We make pet toys - high quality and safe with the same high standards that go into making human toys. We design cute, innovative and fashionable toys to meet the lifestyle of today's pet parents. We spread happiness to pet families around the world.

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