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Rabbit skin roll

Rabbit skin roll

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Rabbit skin roll a purely natural healthy chew with hair. This is a true delicacy and certainly provides a lot of fun!

The rabbit skin roller brushes the dog's stomach and provides good probiotics to the large intestine. This is good for the growth and activity of good bacteria in the intestines and at the same time inhibits harmful activities such as E. Coli, Salmonella and Clostridium. In addition, it can prevent infections in the urinary tract and reduce allergic reactions in dogs.

Suitable for every dog. From puppy to senior and for adults and children.
Also hypoallergenic , so this delicious treat is also suitable for dogs with allergies or on an elimination diet.

Marley's experience with the rabbit skin roll

It smelled really good when it came out of the package. I had to get used to the hairs that are hidden in the roller. I soon realized that you could just eat it and I enjoyed this (secretly quite large) snack.

Tip! Don't want to give the entire role at once? You can break it in the middle.

More information & Analysis

Made from 100% rabbit.

The rabbit skin roll is 40cm long. It has a low fat percentage, making it a lean chewing snack.

Analysis: Protein: 58.4%, Fat: 24.8%, Ash: 4.7%, Fiber: 1.2%., Moisture: 10.9%

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