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Rainbow Pawty Sparkles - Lulu's Kitchen

Rainbow Pawty Sparkles - Lulu's Kitchen

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The Rainbow Pawty Sparkles are a delicious, colorful litter. They are beautiful and made with fresh coconut shavings and natural dyes. These can be used as an enrichment with meals. To really make it a party!

Marley & Yasmin's experience with these sparkles

A tasty treat for Marley that she eats with lots of love and joy!

I personally really enjoy brightening up her enrichment with this. They don't really have any added nutritional value, so she only gets them occasionally, but then we both enjoy them extra.

Although coconut is full of antioxidants and contains manganese, which is good for bone health. So there are still some advantages with the sparkles.

Packaging & Ingredients

The rainbow pawty sparkles come in a 50g resealable bag.

Ingredients: Coconut and natural dyes

More about Lulu's Kitchen

Lulu's Kitchen brings together the best in high quality, premium Australian made dog treats that are healthy and good for your best friend!

Lulu's Kitchen is the curated range of English Springer Spaniels from Rover Pet Products. They have created a single ingredient range and all the treats are free from added sugars, water, salts, colors and artificial ingredients!

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