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TRIXIE - Snack slang

TRIXIE - Snack slang

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Size & Color

Of snack slang is an ideal toy in many ways. The hose is made of thermoplastic rubber and is therefore strong and flexible.

The snake can be given as a reward or to keep your dog busy. At the bottom of the snack hose is an opening where you can put tasty snacks, dog peanut butter, or put some fruit in it. As a result, your dog is also playfully busy getting the reward from the snake. Nice brain work.

My experience

You really must have this one! You can play with it very much, because the hose is flexible. You can bite into it (hard), very nice now that my teeth are starting to come through. 

Not very important, my owner often fills the snack hose with all kinds of goodies. You can continue to vary in this. For example, I love the kluifjes mix in it, but it is also very tasty with pieces of strawberry or apple.

Size & Color

The large snack snakes are light green in color and 42 cm long.

The small snack snake is light green in color and 18 cm long (coiled).

We ourselves do not have a choice of color in the snack hoses, these are delivered randomly. In general, we only get green snakes. Sometimes there is a different color in between. These will then be listed separately in the shop.

The brand

Trixie is a well-known brand in pet retail. We have only had good experiences with this brand ourselves and you will also see a lot of them coming back.

Trixie was founded in 1974 by Bonnik Hansen. Many of the product lines are developed, inspected and tested in-house by professionals and designers. However, the involvement of external animal experts and developers also plays a major role. High quality requirements and an animal welfare-oriented design are just as self-evident for this brand.

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