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Tumble egg - Trixie

Tumble egg - Trixie

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The tumbling egg is a fun feeding game that has four removable sliders with openings, through which the rewards fall out to the hole at the bottom of the egg. The various combinations of the discs provide different levels of difficulty for the game.

Due to the tumbling effect, reward treats then fall out of the egg at the bottom when the dog pushes against it and moves with it. To make it easy for the owner to fill the egg, the top can be unscrewed. The egg comes with a handy manual with tips and tricks for optimal training.

Marley & Yasmin's experience with the tumble egg

Nice brain work where you can easily determine the difficulty yourself. Marley is already experienced with these types of dog puzzles and knew exactly what to do. She immediately started pushing the tumbling egg with enthusiasm and soon the first sweets appeared.

The different green pictures allow you to determine how many candies fall through. The most difficult level is not a big challenge for Marley, but she will certainly enjoy it for a while. Ideal for warm days to provide some challenge inside the home.

Definitely recommended for beginners with enrichment and brain work!

Nice to know

The tumble egg can be turned completely apart and is therefore easy to clean. I do this myself by hand, because I don't know if the plastic will deform in the dishwasher.

The tumble egg is 13cm.

More about Trixie

Trixie is a well-known brand in animal retail. We have only had good experiences with this brand and you will see a lot of them coming back.

Trixie was founded in 1974 by Bonnik Hansen. Many of the product lines are developed, inspected and tested in-house by professionals and designers. But the involvement of external animal experts and developers also plays a major role. High quality standards and animal welfare-oriented implementation are just as self-evident for this brand.

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