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BY MARLEY - Yak cheese stick

BY MARLEY - Yak cheese stick

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Of Yak cheese stick is a hard dog snack made from Yak milk with an irresistible taste! This snack is again 100% natural and even organic.

The Yak cheese stick is virtually odorless and free of gluten, meat and grains.

My experience

Mmmm, nice! I'm on this longer than one bullseye of nibble braid. When I have chewed on the Yak stick for a while, I leave it. My owner will then remove it. A few days later (or if I really feel the need to chew) I get the stick back. Then it's like I get a whole new snack again.


When small pieces remain, you can put them in the microwave for about 30 seconds, so that they pop. This creates a large crispy snack instead of the small piece where the dog is more likely to get it in his throat!

Different sizes

Choice of small, medium or large.

I have a small myself at the moment and I've been using it for at least 2 weeks now. As I get older or I start chewing more, I get a bigger one.

Composition & Analysis

Composition: 99% Yak Milk, 0.5% Lime Juice, 0.05% Himalayan Salt

Analytical Constituents: 65% protein, 0.9% fat, 6.6% ash, 13.5% moisture

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