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ZIPPY PAWS - Donut Puzzle Slider

ZIPPY PAWS - Donut Puzzle Slider

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This new interactive toy from ZippyPaws teaches dogs to get treats in a fun way. This puzzle has different degrees of difficulty and has a non-slip bottom to prevent sliding.

My experience

Oh nice brain work! By pushing the donut around with your nose, new games are released. If you manage to move the lids there is a reward. I started with soft beef rounds search the donut puzzle slider. 

Pretty soon I figured out how it worked and in a short time I tasted all the goodies. That's why my owner made it an extra challenge. She has a little peanut butter and pieces of apple in the compartments and then put the donut in the freezer for a while. Then it took me a while to get all the goodies out of the boxes.



The brand

From a dog-friendly office to birthday parties for our pups, we don't just love dogs. We consider them our family. This is how we are able to put so much care and dedication into making our toys. Not only are they designed with lifestyle in mind, but also to be the highest quality and safest on the market. ZippyPaws' own dogs are our first line of quality assurance. If it's not good enough for ours, it's not good enough for yours.

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