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Mandala purple - Sodapup

Mandala purple - Sodapup

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Of Sodapup mandala combines the advantages of a lick mat and an anti-shock bucket. The mandala ensures that your dog eats more slowly and digests his food better. In this mandala you can combine wet and carrier food. The depth of the mandala also makes it ideal for feeding fresh meat.

The mandala can be used to give your dog his food, but also to give him a snack in between. Licking has a calming effect on the dog, it helps with fresh breath and healthy teeth and keeps your dog busy.

My experience

My owners love the shape and colors of these slow feeders. I love food very much and always try to gobble up my kibble quickly. Because of the mandala, the shocking is not possible and I have to eat my kibble calmly. 

My owner told me that you can also put the mandala in the freezer with treats on it. Then you have an ice cream for the hot days. I can't wait to taste it already!

What can be done in the Sodapup mandala?

For example, there can dough award, yoghurt, peanut butter (for dogs), fresh meat/wet food (for dogs) or the standard kibble in. 

Maintenance & Format

The mandala can be put in the dishwasher (in the top rack) and is also  easy to clean with warm water. The mandala can also be used in the microwave or freezer.

Size: 20x20cm

Colour: Purple - also available in blue, yellow, pink in green.


The manadala is not a chew toy, always give the mandala under supervision and remove it if your dog wants to chew on it.


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