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Dice - Trixie

Dice - Trixie

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The Trixie Dice is a snack ball for dogs, made of natural rubber to hide food or snacks. This snack ball in the shape of a dice can be filled with kibble or snacks, which the dog has to get out of the hole by rolling and throwing. The dice offers long fun because the maze on the inside is making it difficult to get the reward out. The dice bounce and roll silently, for fun in any situation.

My experience

Yes! A new brain work to be busy with. I quickly realized what the intention was and immediately started rolling to get my reward from the dice. I can enjoy this for a long time!

Tip from my boss: fill the dice with bigger rewards. This makes it more difficult and there is longer enjoyment of the brain work. So far, coarse pieces of cucumber work best for us, but also the duck trainers in soft circles give a challenge.

Color & Size

Available in blue, pink and red. The dice are 10 cm.

We ourselves do not have a choice of color in the dice, these are delivered randomly. It may therefore be that a certain color is out of stock for a while. Sorry!

To clean

You can soak the dice in warm water or put them in the dishwasher. Then let it dry well.

The brand

Trixie is a well-known brand in pet retail. We have only had good experiences with this brand ourselves and you will also see a lot of them coming back.

Trixie was founded in 1974 by Bonnik Hansen. Many of the product lines are developed, inspected and tested in-house by professionals and designers. But the involvement of external animal experts and developers also plays a major role. High quality requirements and an animal welfare-oriented design are just as obvious for this brand.


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