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VETRAMIL - Honey ointment

VETRAMIL - Honey ointment

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Vetramil Honey Ointment is an ointment with a soothing effect that supports the healing capacity of the skin based on honey. This is the ideal ointment for dogs with wounds .

This ointment is made from honey and is easy to apply to the skin. If necessary, after applying the ointment, it can be covered with a plaster or gauze. The oily composition ensures that the ointment stays in place even in a wet environment. It purifies and protects irritated skin.

The addition of essential oils gives the ointment a bitter taste that dogs do not like. This prevents them from licking the ointment. It ensures calm skin, which also makes the ointment suitable for treating insect bites .

The experience of Marley & Yasmin

This is another thing that you hope you don't need, but it is also highly recommended to have it at home. Especially if you have a nice clumsy boyfriend or girlfriend like Marley.

Not so long ago she had a wound on her head. By applying honey ointment once a day, it was almost no longer scratched and it was given a good chance to heal. Fortunately, she also allows this well.

When the wound had healed I stopped applying the cream and the coat quickly grew back. You can't see it anymore!

Contents & Shelf Life

The tube contains 10g of honey ointment.

Make sure you close the tube immediately after use, so that the cap is screwed back on properly. Avoid direct contact between the wound and the tube.

Shelf life 3 months after opening in the tube.

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